My Network – as a freelancer I need and love to work with other professional figures, and I am lucky: they are all fantastic people

I have been happily working with musicians, painters, carpenter, designers, curators, corporate managers, DJs, architects, event organisers, writers, hackers, poets, makers, artists and, in general, crazy people! They all kind of feel at home with me 🙂 Language is not a barrier: I speak English, German, Italian and French and, even though I do not completely master some of these languages, I speak them good enough to collaborate in successful projects. Besides, I am Italian: the hand-language always helps!

My network aka inspiring, positive and creative people I currently work with:

  • Lorenzo: new technologies consultant / evangelist (Milan, Italy)
  • Paul: photographer / video artist / hardware hacker / maker / brewer (London, UK)
  • Daniele: ux hero (Brussels / USA / Italy)
  • Gianluca: ui designer (Milan, Italy)
  • Laurent: web developer and project coordinator (Milan, Italy)
  • Vera: photographer / event organiser (Dresden / Leipzig, Germany)
  • Claudio: digital ninja (Milan, Italy)
  • Jörg: legal consultant (Dresden, Germany)
  • Pia: painter (Bologna, Italy)
  • Valentina: web designer / photographer / event manager / social media guru (Milan, Italy)
  • Andreas: multimedia designer (Weimar, Germany)
  • Lorenzo: code and server master (Munich, Germany)
  • Christian: web ninja (Dusseldorf, Germany)
  • Mattia: data analyst (Milan, Italy)
  • Catia: writer (Milan, Italy)
  • Matthias: project coordinator / moderator / architect (Dresden, Germany)
  • Colleen: exhibition curator (Munich, Germany)
  • Saskia: language consultant (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Jean Mark: logo designer (Paris, France)
  • Elena: webmaster (Milan, Italy)
  • Marco: project coordinator (Milan, Italy)
  • Max: musician / hardware hacker / smart cities and smart person (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Luciano: media expert (Milan, Italy)
  • Cecilia: animator / graphic designer (Stafford, UK)
  • Fabio: music consultant (Lago Maggiore, Italy)
  • Jeannette: designer (Munich, Germany)

I work directly for customers, but I also provide my skills to media agencies. Currently they are: